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Apriem CIO Benjamin Lau Talks Nvidia, Future of AI

By Troy Wolverton, Business Insider May 10, 2018 Graphics chipmaker Nvidia pulled the curtain back on its bitcoin mining-related business for the first time on Thursday. But the real game-changing opportunity for Nvidia is not inside the [...]

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Lola the Newport Beach Therapy Dog Can Heel and Heal

By Hillary Davis, Daily Pilot May 4, 2018 A golden retriever named Lola is helping women overcome substance abuse just by being herself. Lola is the new therapy dog at the New Directions for Women [...]

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Hospice Executive Finds Passion in Providing Compassion

By Brandi Neal, Coast magazine May 1, 2018 Michelle Wulfestieg, 37, knows a thing or two about second chances. At age 11 she suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain lesion. By the time she was [...]

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Apprenticeships Help Solve Female Underemployment

By Pembe Candaner, Workology April 26, 2018 The Bureau of Labor Statistics started collecting and publishing unemployment data and statistics in 1912 and has been tracking the levels of, and reasons for, unemployment ever since. With more [...]

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