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October 2017

Don’t Be an Ostrich


During periods of uncertainty and polarity, such as the past year of political transition, it is natural for business leaders to take a backseat while things “play out.” Typically, they may fear rubbing others the wrong way, and no one wants to upset their constituents or their prospects. Since many executives are not overtly political [...]

Don’t Be an Ostrich2019-02-27T20:52:12+00:00

July 2017

Advice for the Advisories


Today, there are more platforms than ever before for brands to communicate with their constituents, and modern public relations now presents myriad opportunities for agencies to serve clients, especially through the explosive advent of social media. Of course, the list of social media channels, which seems to be growing daily, allows the world to communicate [...]

Advice for the Advisories2019-02-27T20:52:12+00:00