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January 2019

The PRoclaimer – Jan 2019


  Seeing Progress Why do we do what we do?  What motivates us?  What inspires us to take action?  When it comes to good deeds, feeling content and grinning proudly often are enough.  We sleep better knowing we did the right thing – even if we don’t witness the impact of our action.  However, when [...]

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PResolutions for the New Year


As the media universe continues to significantly impact lives, business success in the new year ahead means accepting – no, embracing and leveraging – modern marketing practices designed to elevate visibility and increase engagement.  These three PR trends are shaping the PR landscape by helping companies to effectively communicate with their audiences. Content That Performs [...]

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First American Trust Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight First American Trust is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortune 500 Company First American Financial Corporation, which was founded in 1889. Headquartered in Santa Ana with offices in San Diego and Las Vegas, First American Trust is the oldest and largest trust company based in Orange County.  It has approximately $3.7 billion [...]

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Q4 2018 in Review


Q4 2018 in Review Two New(s) Hires  While the last few months of 2018 were busy ones at HKA, the agency did make time for fun, festivities and frivolity, including a day-long celebration of that time-honored holiday tradition, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. The end of the year also brought with it two new [...]

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Executive PRspective – Seeing Progress


Executive PRspective Seeing Progress December is when every nonprofit asks for money. It makes sense – people are often scrambling to make last-minute, tax-deductible donations, and nonprofits are taking full advantage of people’s largesse and, of course, their desire to pay fewer taxes.  The holidays end and what then?  How do we view our [...]

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November 2018

Video Series Highlights Breaking the Cycle of Addiction


By Ben Brazil, Daily Pilot November 19, 2018 Melissa Suffield spent her childhood trying to keep her mother alive. When food was scarce, she wandered door to door appealing to strangers so they wouldn’t go hungry. When her mother locked herself in the bedroom, Suffield charged the door to prevent her from taking drugs. Her [...]

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New Directions for Women + Grit = Success in Life


By David Whiting, Orange County Register November 19, 2018 Who gets beaten — yes, beaten — with their own Barbie doll? Pause for a moment to steel yourself for the answer. It’s the same little girl who was grabbed by her throat and thrown against a stone fireplace. But more on that in a minute. [...]

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October 2018

The PRoclaimer – Oct 2018


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda We use a fair number of adages in The PRoclaimer, so what’s the harm in maintaining the trend?  I wish I knew then what I know now.  Yeah.  That’s a good one.  The expression takes us back with poignant regret and bundles all the wisdom gained throughout a lifetime of rich experiences, [...]

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Human Touch


In traditional B2B public relations, the general objective is to publicize the business benefits one company receives when it opts in with another. Many PR companies represent B2B organizations who want to promote these business benefits and win more clients as a result.  For the agencies that do, the established PR play is to focus [...]

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Executive PRspective – Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


Executive PRspective Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda I wish someone would have drilled into my head at an early age the importance of building – and maintaining – relationships. The more miles I have under my hood, the more I realize just how important relationships are on the road called life. Personal and professional sustained relationships [...]

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