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October 2019

Is Canada a Better Option for Startups than Silicon Valley?


By Russ McMeekin, mCloud  October 5, 2019 Don’t look now, Silicon Valley. Canada is coming for you. In case you missed it last month, the $250 million funding round announced by Vancouver B.C.-based Clio was a major milestone in the rise of the Canadian tech startup ecosystem. The funding round was not only the largest in [...]

Is Canada a Better Option for Startups than Silicon Valley?2019-10-07T18:53:21+00:00

September 2019

Home Businesses Should Protect IP Online


By Eric Karich, SellerGard September 4, 2019 Amazon recently showed a renewed interest in protecting intellectual property (IP) rights of its third-party sellers, likely due to the dramatic growth in their numbers on the platform. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently revealed in a letter to shareholders that the majority of the ecommerce giant’s gross merchandise [...]

Home Businesses Should Protect IP Online2019-09-06T22:37:07+00:00

To Rehab or Not to Rehab? Affordable Housing Puzzle Solved


In the affordable housing space, low income housing tax credits (LIHTC) are the lifeblood for most developers. Construction managers may not realize it, but these federal financial vehicles fuel their workloads as well. As a dollar-for-dollar federally guaranteed reimbursement on affordable housing investments – including the construction and purchase of the property – this system [...]

To Rehab or Not to Rehab? Affordable Housing Puzzle Solved2019-09-24T17:08:33+00:00

August 2019

Dedicated Plastic Surgeon Completes 100th Global Trip


By Priscella Vega, Daily Pilot August 30, 2019 There’s a lot Dr. Larry Nichter has learned after two decades of traveling to developing countries to perform reconstructive plastic surgeries and train local medical teams. But if there’s one main takeaway, it’s that helping others is an obligation, he said. Though he recently returned home from [...]

Dedicated Plastic Surgeon Completes 100th Global Trip2019-09-03T18:02:27+00:00

CPA Looks Back on the Promises of Sweeping Tax Reform


By Michael Silvio, Financial Poise August 22, 2019 A Tax Reform Analysis As the President’s third year winds down, and the nation turns its focus on the next election, it is interesting to reflect on where the original expectations meet with reality now that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is in full effect. An [...]

CPA Looks Back on the Promises of Sweeping Tax Reform2019-08-28T17:14:57+00:00

Tech Startup CEO Interviews with Bloomberg TV Canada


By Amanda Lang, BNN Bloomberg  August 20, 2019 BNN Bloomberg: On a live TV broadcast, Russ McMeekin, CEO of technology startup mCloud, discusses the company’s founding, aggressive growth strategy, and AI solutions to help companies enhance their energy efficiency. Watch the full segment here.

Tech Startup CEO Interviews with Bloomberg TV Canada2019-08-21T23:18:10+00:00

Legacy Award Recipient Reflects on 35 years in Funeral Industry


By Patti Martin Bartsche, American Cemetery & Cremation August 07, 2019 Earlier this year, Connected Women of Influence, the local association for women business owners, executives and professionals, named Debra Allen its 2019 San Diego Lifetime Legacy Award recipient. The award recognizes a woman who has demonstrated superior leadership over several years and has a [...]

Legacy Award Recipient Reflects on 35 years in Funeral Industry2019-08-07T17:31:01+00:00

July 2019

The PRoclaimer – July 2019


  The Evolution of Brand Around the world, countless well-established brands and corporate cultures have emerged purely through evolution. They are byproducts of organic repetition without conscious intent or forethought. That’s a mouthful of big words to describe an outcome that’s basically an accident. Conversely, many companies choose to be intentional with their DNA. To create their [...]

The PRoclaimer – July 20192019-07-26T15:41:17+00:00

VR Allows Attendees to See Humanitarian Mission Firsthand


By ARPost Staff, July 25, 2019 Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) is a charity that helps disadvantaged disable people move independently in a wheelchair. The charity participates in the entire process, from the design phase and down to delivery to the recipients. So far, FWM has helped over 1 million people improve their quality of life. For [...]

VR Allows Attendees to See Humanitarian Mission Firsthand2019-07-25T18:15:41+00:00

Racking up the Miles


In summing up my experience leading the revitalization of HKA’s technology practice, an iconic Johnny Cash lyric comes to mind – “I’ve been everywhere, man.” Looking to spread the word about the revival of HKA tech PR, I’ve had the good fortune of attending many top emerging tech events throughout Southern California these past [...]

Racking up the Miles2019-07-25T00:16:35+00:00