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April 2020

Q-CTRL Creates Virtual Alternative to Physics Show


By Matin Durrani, Physics World April 2020 The axing of the APS March Meeting triggered several spontaneous attempts to replicate the event online. Leading the way was Q-CTRL, a small quantum-computing business based in Sydney, Australia. Set up in 2017 by Michael Biercuk, a quantum physicist at the University of Sydney, the firm had been [...]

Q-CTRL Creates Virtual Alternative to Physics Show2020-04-08T16:02:17+00:00

April 2017

The Young and the Best List


Without a doubt, inspiring is one of the most overused words in any vocabulary. We say we are inspired by everything from beautiful sunsets to a disabled person overcoming challenges to achieve success. Perhaps we feel inspired because it allows us to feel hope. We feel more confident in the world around us, whether it’s [...]

The Young and the Best List2019-02-27T20:52:13+00:00

January 2017

Fake News


At the risk of plunging into political waters, which I have no intention of doing, I feel compelled to comment on the current plethora of fake news. My amazement is two-fold: at the outraged cry “Fake News!” as well as the actual fake news itself. Certainly, there have always been news stories that slanted a [...]

Fake News2019-04-01T15:20:57+00:00

September 2016

Yay Team!


An effective leader develops very different ways of achieving job satisfaction. Personally, when the work of others I manage receives kudos from clients, it feels good. My own ego takes a backseat – and I’m just fine with that. I’ve been leading our team for three decades and this is certainly not a new thought [...]

Yay Team!2019-02-27T20:52:14+00:00