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May 2018

Hospice Executive Finds Passion in Providing Compassion


By Brandi Neal, Coast magazine May 1, 2018 Michelle Wulfestieg, 37, knows a thing or two about second chances. At age 11 she suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain lesion. By the time she was 14, doctors told her she was unlikely to live to see her 30th birthday. “So at that moment I was really faced [...]

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April 2018

Apprenticeships Help Solve Female Underemployment


By Pembe Candaner, Workology April 26, 2018 The Bureau of Labor Statistics started collecting and publishing unemployment data and statistics in 1912 and has been tracking the levels of, and reasons for, unemployment ever since. With more than 100 years of history and monthly unemployment rates reported by major news outlets, the phenomena of unemployment has become [...]

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Charity Breakfast Supports Addiction Treatment for Women


By Lee Offenhauer, March 26, 2018 More than 300 Orange County community members gathered on March 19 to help raise nearly $500,000 toward a scholarship program for women in need of drug and alcohol treatment. The event, Circle of Life Breakfast, was hosted by New Directions for Women (NDFW), a nationally accredited drug and alcohol rehab program executively [...]

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Big Data…Small World


These days, it seems there’s always a breaking news story pitting big data versus privacy. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook occupied the most recent spotlight in this trend – dominating the headlines and even forcing a Silicon Valley titan in front of Congress. While the debate about how best to protect personal privacy in a data-driven [...]

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Free Wheelchair Mission Brings PBS Documentary to Houston


By Abner Fletcher, Houston Matters Public Radio April 17, 2018 Don Schoendorfer is a biomedical engineer with a doctorate from MIT. When he started tinkering with parts from old lawn chairs and bicycles, some thought he was losing his mind. His wife wasn’t a fan of all the debris in their garage either. But Don was [...]

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Bitcentral Overpowers NAB Show with New Product, FUEL


By Michelle Clancy, Rapid TV News April 13, 2018 Linear on-demand platform provider LOD Bitcentral has launched the FUEL workflow system. The digital platform offers personalised channels in a cloud-based solution, delivering stories viewers are interested in, when and where they want to consume them, across all platforms. Viewers can watch a newscast or programme from the start [...]

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March 2018

Tree in Newport Beach Cemetery Nurtured by Love


By Hillary Davis, Daily Pilot March 30, 2018 As surely as a ficus tree takes root, so does love. A ficus at Pacific View Memorial Park & Mortuary in Corona del Mar towers 20 feet over the grave of Erwin Warshawsky, its canopy leaning slightly over the marker instead of the paved path. Its sprawling [...]

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June 2016

Need for Speed


Is the immediacy of today’s business world making us more productive -- or just more crazy? I don’t know about you, but I think about this a lot. Sometimes it’s someone else asking me for an immediate response. If their question lingers in my inbox for too long (hours rather than minutes) they are likely [...]

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Fundraising in Orange County


Now Hare This: Tortoise Tales The tortoise and the hare is a well-known Aesop’s Fable. The boastful hare leaves the starting line in a blinding flash, destined to cross the finish line way before the painfully slow tortoise. But does he? Of course not! The foolish, over-confident hare stops to nap en route and when [...]

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