January 2020

The PRoclaimer – January 2020


  Looking Ahead While Reflecting Back It’s an iconic television news program that made Barbara Walters a household name.  It’s also the eyesight we’d all like to have – without a need for glasses or contacts.  And, at least for a few more weeks until it becomes second nature, it’s the year we’ll forget to [...]

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Totally Caffeinated by Quantum


You never know where a friendly cup of coffee can lead.  Sometimes it’s to a subatomic world where unprecedented opportunities await. It was April 2019 when I was searching for compelling topics to cover as part of HKA’s relaunch of its pioneering EmergingTechPR blog. During my research, I came across a website called the [...]

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Q-CTRL Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight Quantum computing startup Q-CTRL is at the center of a technology universe that’s being discovered and mapped as we speak.  Funded by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, including Silicon Valley-based Sierra Ventures and Sequoia Capital, Q-CTRL helps companies leverage the exotic properties of subatomic physics to achieve computations far [...]

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Q4 2019 In Review


Q4 2019 in Review Don't Reinvent the Wheel If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Lousy grammar notwithstanding, HKA has been applying this proven catchphrase for many years to the Oliver Halsell Care Awards presented by Fairhaven Memorial Park & Mortuary (Santa Ana) and Fairhaven Memorial Services (Mission Viejo).  Now a heartwarming annual tradition [...]

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Executive PRspective – Looking Ahead While Reflecting Back


Executive PRspective Looking Ahead While Reflecting Back As the calendar rolled over and landed on 2020, I began thinking about the days and months to follow.  I always feel a sense of enthusiasm at the start of a new year. And the beginning of a new decade is even more appealing. It [...]

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October 2019

The PRoclaimer – October 2019


  Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing Thanksgiving is around the corner.  It’s an occasion marked by togetherness, gratitude and traditions.  It’s also a holiday of excess – a day of “too much” and “not enough.”  We cook too much, so there’s not enough room on the table for all the food.  [...]

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mCloud Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight Formed in 2017 and based in Vancouver, Canada, mCloud is acutely aware that as technology advances, unprecedented opportunities arise for businesses to improve operations and profitability.  The company leverages proprietary AI and data analytics with IoT and the cloud to bring unprecedented efficiencies to a variety of industries, including smart buildings, wind [...]

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Q3 2019 in Review


Q3 2019 in Review CTRL+Alt+Repeat! A somewhat uneventful Friday in September got considerably more interesting late in the day when HKA was contacted by Australian tech startup Q-CTRL. The company was announcing its Series A funding early the following week and had heard about the fine work the agency was doing for other tech [...]

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Executive PRspective – Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing


Executive PRspective Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing Stuff. You know, the things that accumulate exponentially. I readily, and perhaps apologetically, admit that I am a keeper of Stuff.  I keep Stuff at work. I keep Stuff at home.  I admire areas that are devoid of Stuff – such [...]

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