October 2019

The PRoclaimer – October 2019


  Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing Thanksgiving is around the corner.  It’s an occasion marked by togetherness, gratitude and traditions.  It’s also a holiday of excess – a day of “too much” and “not enough.”  We cook too much, so there’s not enough room on the table for all the food.  [...]

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mCloud Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight Formed in 2017 and based in Vancouver, Canada, mCloud is acutely aware that as technology advances, unprecedented opportunities arise for businesses to improve operations and profitability.  The company leverages proprietary AI and data analytics with IoT and the cloud to bring unprecedented efficiencies to a variety of industries, including smart buildings, wind [...]

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Q3 2019 in Review


Q3 2019 in Review CTRL+Alt+Repeat! A somewhat uneventful Friday in September got considerably more interesting late in the day when HKA was contacted by Australian tech startup Q-CTRL. The company was announcing its Series A funding early the following week and had heard about the fine work the agency was doing for other tech [...]

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Executive PRspective – Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing


Executive PRspective Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Lots of Homemade Stuffing Stuff. You know, the things that accumulate exponentially. I readily, and perhaps apologetically, admit that I am a keeper of Stuff.  I keep Stuff at work. I keep Stuff at home.  I admire areas that are devoid of Stuff – such [...]

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July 2019

The PRoclaimer – July 2019


  The Evolution of Brand Around the world, countless well-established brands and corporate cultures have emerged purely through evolution. They are byproducts of organic repetition without conscious intent or forethought. That’s a mouthful of big words to describe an outcome that’s basically an accident. Conversely, many companies choose to be intentional with their DNA. To create their [...]

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Racking up the Miles


In summing up my experience leading the revitalization of HKA’s technology practice, an iconic Johnny Cash lyric comes to mind – “I’ve been everywhere, man.” Looking to spread the word about the revival of HKA tech PR, I’ve had the good fortune of attending many top emerging tech events throughout Southern California these past [...]

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April 2019

The PRoclaimer – April 2019


    I Don't Believe What I Just Saw One of the most famous calls in World Series…no, baseball…no, sports history contains these words.  Legendary announcer Jack Buck stared at the field in disbelief as a hobbled Kirk Gibson limped around the bases to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series for the Los [...]

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The Tech Industry Needs Heart


Most friends and fans of HKA know the firm’s longstanding reputation as a generalist agency serving nonprofits, professional services firms and a host of other people-focused industries.  But HKA has a long legacy of serving clients in the technology industry as well. Perhaps you’re an executive at a tech startup, or the head of [...]

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Q1 2019 in Review


Q1 2019 in Review A Tech-tonic Shift   In March, HKA proudly announced the relaunch of its Technology Practice with the return of Mike Kilroy, Group Director, Technology, to the agency.  Twenty years ago, Mike played a key role in building HKA’s impressive tech communications legacy.  He has returned to help companies take advantage of [...]

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