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July 2019

Racking up the Miles


In summing up my experience leading the revitalization of HKA’s technology practice, an iconic Johnny Cash lyric comes to mind – “I’ve been everywhere, man.” Looking to spread the word about the revival of HKA tech PR, I’ve had the good fortune of attending many top emerging tech events throughout Southern California these past [...]

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April 2019

The Tech Industry Needs Heart


Most friends and fans of HKA know the firm’s longstanding reputation as a generalist agency serving nonprofits, professional services firms and a host of other people-focused industries.  But HKA has a long legacy of serving clients in the technology industry as well. Perhaps you’re an executive at a tech startup, or the head of [...]

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January 2019

PResolutions for the New Year


As the media universe continues to significantly impact lives, business success in the new year ahead means accepting – no, embracing and leveraging – modern marketing practices designed to elevate visibility and increase engagement.  These three PR trends are shaping the PR landscape by helping companies to effectively communicate with their audiences. Content That Performs [...]

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October 2018

Human Touch


In traditional B2B public relations, the general objective is to publicize the business benefits one company receives when it opts in with another. Many PR companies represent B2B organizations who want to promote these business benefits and win more clients as a result.  For the agencies that do, the established PR play is to focus [...]

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July 2018

Window Chopping


The days of window shopping at the local mall are numbered. The global, internet-driven marketplace features thousands of businesses that live online.  Their customers live there, too.  Websites have become modern-day storefronts – mannequins and all – and must be striking, relevant and current to entice today’s customers.  A well-designed website can attract and convert [...]

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April 2018

Big Data…Small World


These days, it seems there’s always a breaking news story pitting big data versus privacy. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook occupied the most recent spotlight in this trend – dominating the headlines and even forcing a Silicon Valley titan in front of Congress. While the debate about how best to protect personal privacy in a data-driven [...]

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January 2018

Winning with Content Marketing


Want to know more about content marketing?  You’ve come to the right place.  For starters, imagine you’re in a room full of people.  You’re networking – and attempting to make meaningful connections. You strike up a conversation with someone who tells you how important he is. In his words, he makes lots of big decisions [...]

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October 2017

Don’t Be an Ostrich


During periods of uncertainty and polarity, such as the past year of political transition, it is natural for business leaders to take a backseat while things “play out.” Typically, they may fear rubbing others the wrong way, and no one wants to upset their constituents or their prospects. Since many executives are not overtly political [...]

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July 2017

Advice for the Advisories


Today, there are more platforms than ever before for brands to communicate with their constituents, and modern public relations now presents myriad opportunities for agencies to serve clients, especially through the explosive advent of social media. Of course, the list of social media channels, which seems to be growing daily, allows the world to communicate [...]

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April 2017

The Young and the Best List


Without a doubt, inspiring is one of the most overused words in any vocabulary. We say we are inspired by everything from beautiful sunsets to a disabled person overcoming challenges to achieve success. Perhaps we feel inspired because it allows us to feel hope. We feel more confident in the world around us, whether it’s [...]

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