July 2018

PRoclaimer – July 2018


The [New York] Times They Are A Changin' The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Isn’t that how the adage goes?  Pleated pants?  Miniskirts?  They went from all the rage to outrageous – and back again. When it comes to the media, however, this concept has no relevance, as the more things [...]

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Dignity Memorial Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight When Dignity Memorial entered our public relations universe in 2017, the agency already had been working for many years for Fairhaven Memorial, which was acquired by Service Corporation Inc. (SCI), and earlier for another Orange County mortuary. So, HKA was well-suited to tackle SCI’s Orange County-Northern San Diego County region, comprised of [...]

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Q2 2018 in Review


Q2 2018 in Review Glory Road Gloria Hale is a woman who knows cars – inside and out.  Backwards and forwards – from the front fender to the back bumper.  But, she knew little about websites and realized that if her new company, Glorious Motor Cars, was going to find more customers, she’d better [...]

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Window Chopping


The days of window shopping at the local mall are numbered. The global, internet-driven marketplace features thousands of businesses that live online.  Their customers live there, too.  Websites have become modern-day storefronts – mannequins and all – and must be striking, relevant and current to entice today’s customers.  A well-designed website can attract and convert [...]

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Executive PRspective – The [New York] Times They Are A Changin’


Executive PRspective The [New York] Times They Are A Changin' I’m concerned. I think a lot about the media because I’m a consumer of news. I read, I watch, I listen.  I also do this, because as PR professionals, we interact with media daily. It’s our business. Finally, I do this wearing my former-journalist [...]

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April 2018

The PRoclaimer – April 2018


  South American Sight Map Ever stare at yourself in a funhouse mirror, or put on a colleague’s prescription glasses?  Were you entranced as a kid by kaleidoscopes or prisms?  How about the magical Mattel View Master?  Lenses are all around us, shaping what we see.  A coworker’s spectacles, a curved sheet of reflective glass, [...]

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Laura’s House Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight The statistics are staggering. In the United States, a woman is beaten by a domestic partner every seven seconds. Thirty percent of women treated in hospital emergency rooms are victims of domestic violence. In Orange County alone, it is estimated that 250,000 adults and children are currently affected by domestic violence, and [...]

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Q1 2018 in Review


Q1 2018 in Review Fez Dispensers As a full-service marketing communications agency, we wear many client hats in assorted styles. From sombreros and beanies to pillboxes and fedoras, HKA headwear fills the agency closet. Some days, we are media relations and advertising consultants. Other days, we are event planners and digital marketers. To support [...]

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Executive PRspective – South American Sight Map


Executive PRspective South American Sight Map Perspective. People often say, “Let’s put that in perspective.” But what does that really mean? For me, perspective is the lens through which I view the world. Sometimes my close-up lens illuminates intricate details, and other times it’s my wide-angle lens providing a multifaceted, expansive view. Of [...]

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Big Data…Small World


These days, it seems there’s always a breaking news story pitting big data versus privacy. Cambridge Analytica and Facebook occupied the most recent spotlight in this trend – dominating the headlines and even forcing a Silicon Valley titan in front of Congress. While the debate about how best to protect personal privacy in a data-driven [...]

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