January 2019

Executive PRspective – Seeing Progress


Executive PRspective Seeing Progress December is when every nonprofit asks for money. It makes sense – people are often scrambling to make last-minute, tax-deductible donations, and nonprofits are taking full advantage of people’s largesse and, of course, their desire to pay fewer taxes.  The holidays end and what then?  How do we view our [...]

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October 2018

The PRoclaimer – Oct 2018


Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda We use a fair number of adages in The PRoclaimer, so what’s the harm in maintaining the trend?  I wish I knew then what I know now.  Yeah.  That’s a good one.  The expression takes us back with poignant regret and bundles all the wisdom gained throughout a lifetime of rich experiences, [...]

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Human Touch


In traditional B2B public relations, the general objective is to publicize the business benefits one company receives when it opts in with another. Many PR companies represent B2B organizations who want to promote these business benefits and win more clients as a result.  For the agencies that do, the established PR play is to focus [...]

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Executive PRspective – Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


Executive PRspective Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda I wish someone would have drilled into my head at an early age the importance of building – and maintaining – relationships. The more miles I have under my hood, the more I realize just how important relationships are on the road called life. Personal and professional sustained relationships [...]

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Q3 2018 in Review


Q3 2018 in Review House the Fund-Racing Going? Q3 has always been one of the busiest seasons at HKA, as the agency has for many years actively supported two of the most eagerly anticipated and uplifting fundraising events on Orange County’s annual nonprofit calendar – both in September. Susan G. Komen Orange County’s always-stirring [...]

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Big Brother Big Sisters Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight Since 1958, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and the Inland Empire has helped provide regional mentorship to at-risk youth. The nonprofit’s one-to-one mentoring programs create meaningful relationships with children – often from single parent, low-income households – to provide support, guidance and friendship through the child’s life. After six decades [...]

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July 2018

PRoclaimer – July 2018


The [New York] Times They Are A Changin' The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Isn’t that how the adage goes?  Pleated pants?  Miniskirts?  They went from all the rage to outrageous – and back again. When it comes to the media, however, this concept has no relevance, as the more things [...]

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Dignity Memorial Client Spotlight


Client Spotlight When Dignity Memorial entered our public relations universe in 2017, the agency already had been working for many years for Fairhaven Memorial, which was acquired by Service Corporation Inc. (SCI), and earlier for another Orange County mortuary. So, HKA was well-suited to tackle SCI’s Orange County-Northern San Diego County region, comprised of [...]

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Q2 2018 in Review


Q2 2018 in Review Glory Road Gloria Hale is a woman who knows cars – inside and out.  Backwards and forwards – from the front fender to the back bumper.  But, she knew little about websites and realized that if her new company, Glorious Motor Cars, was going to find more customers, she’d better [...]

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Window Chopping


The days of window shopping at the local mall are numbered. The global, internet-driven marketplace features thousands of businesses that live online.  Their customers live there, too.  Websites have become modern-day storefronts – mannequins and all – and must be striking, relevant and current to entice today’s customers.  A well-designed website can attract and convert [...]

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