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Digital Marketing

Successful marketing communications programs have one thing in common: integrated marketing. And the key to an integrated marketing program is fully optimizing the digital realm.

At HKA, everything we do is filtered through a digital marketing lens. It is paramount to reach the correct target audiences, yet a one-size-fits-all option does not exist. Because each audience accesses information in many different ways, a fully integrated program yields the best results. With a carefully layered approach, with each successful campaign element extended to other platforms, we can make certain that everyone who matters has access to the story. Whether B2B or B2C, HKA uses this layered approach.

Every campaign begins with authentic content – compelling copy that sparks audience interest and does everything from raise brand awareness to increase lead generation and sales. Eye-catching images are also key to attracting more eyeballs and longer views.

Content is just the start. A truly integrated campaign leverages all that digital marketing has to offer including:

Website Development & Management – Websites are the foundation of any digital marketing program, serving as the primary entry point for clients and customers. It’s a rare company that does not have a website, but it’s quite common for the website to lack the professional image the company wishes to project and relevant, current content. HKA can add development of a new or revised website to any marketing communications program or provide as an independent project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – HKA can ensure that your website, and other online content, is easily found on Google based on your company’s unique search terms. We optimize organic search by aligning our in-depth knowledge of Google’s ranking system and search algorithms with an ongoing content strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)– The sister to SEO requiring advertising dollars, HKA leverages a variety of SEM strategies to promote your content to attract the right customers at the right time in the purchase process.

Social Media – Yes, social media is part of digital marketing, but also part of public relations

Blogging – A company’s blog is the perfect way to communicate directly to target audiences. When it is strategically planned, well-written, timely and properly promoted, the company blog is extremely valuable. Professional services firms and other B2B companies can particularly benefit from a company blog that showcases their expertise to other companies that can use their services.

Email Marketing –While almost everyone is deluged with emails 24/7, a carefully crafted email marketing campaign still can be highly effective. It can be a regular e-newsletter to your email list of clients and prospects, or a stand-alone email blast designed to attract new clients.

Mobile Marketing –The ubiquity of smart phones has made mobile marketing an increasingly effective tactic. Text messaging can be targeted and more difficult to ignore than emails.

Video Marketing – Video is the name of the game for enhancing interest and results, whether on a website, blog, social media site or via email marketing. HKA delivers topic ideation, scripting and art direction for more elaborate videos or guidance on creating simple smartphone videos.

Branded podcasts –Every year, podcasts grow in popularity and should at least be considered by companies that wish to communicate across many channels. HKA can help you create compelling audience content accessible at the convenience of your clients. Exclusive content from an expert can make this a particularly valuable part of the digital marketing mix.


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