Hilary Kaye

Executive PRspective

Diving into the Digital Deep End

The real world used to be a place you could reach out and touch. It was made up of people you could hug and hands you could shake. We got places by car and on foot. Paper stored important information. Persons of, ahem, a certain age can remember those days easily – perhaps fondly, too.

Thankfully, that original real world – the tactile, flesh-and-blood, brick ‘n’ mortar world – is still here. But, the real world today encompasses much more – an alternate reality called the digital world. This is a world where emojis run rampant (some would say amok), blogs get written and circulated by anyone with a keyboard and videos speak louder than words. For many, this world is their primary reality. What this means for anyone in marketing communications, including HKA, is that life now is a bit more complicated.

HKA was born in the first real world and originally focused on what we now call “traditional media.” Newspapers, magazines, television and radio – they were the tools of our trade. These platforms are still vital, which means the original real world is still part of what we do. But, as almost all traditional media channels now include a pervasive digital component, we’ve increasingly been dipping our toes further and further into the digital pool. We create and enhance websites, implement strategic social media programs and develop electronic ad campaigns. In fact, as the original real world and the digital world have converged, digital and traditional campaigns now run side by side, often layered on top of one another. Integration has exploded, thus everything we’re doing today mixes all aspects of marketing communications.

As 2018 kicks off, we’re taking integration a step further, and I’m confident a lot more than just our toes will be splashing around in the digital pool in the years to come. HKA proudly has launched a new division, anchored by a seasoned digital media pro, and specifically tuned to the digital world. The new division is allowing us to stay even further ahead of fast-changing social media twists and turns as we ratchet up everything we do digitally – examining and optimizing client social media programs and finding new ways to achieve ROI. We’re staying on top of the ever-expanding Facebook universe, including its most recent declarations on what will, and won’t, appear in news feeds. We are strengthening the performance of websites, as having a mediocre website can damage a brand.

What’s next? When we catch our breath, we’re diving right back in to address our own digital profile. They say the cobbler’s kids have no shoes. We totally understand!