Hilary Kaye

Executive PRspective

Bacon Bits

Variety is the spice of life. It’s a well-worn motto, and no doubt you’ve heard it many times before. It came to mind while I was thinking about, and appreciating, life at HKA. The motto best sums up why I love what I do. Regardless of the year, the HKA client roster is eclectic. And it’s no accident. Going back to my days as a journalist, I loved being a general assignment reporter as each day brought something new to learn.

At HKA, I’ve continued my love affair with the new and different, which explains the mind-boggling assortment of clients and industries we have touched. And while there usually is no obvious connection among these disparate clients, the craziest thing happens when we peel back the onion and discover links between even the unlikeliest ones. HKA seems to have its own Six Degrees of Separation, so I sometimes expect Kevin Bacon to walk in the door. And if our clients aren’t already connected, we do our best to fix this! Besides just appeasing my quest for variety, our perspective has extra benefits:

  • We don’t always know the buzz words when we begin working with each client, but we learn quickly and, even better, we take proven ideas from one industry and introduce them to another industry where they are a breath of fresh air.
  • We help our for-profit clients identify ideal partners for their corporate social responsibility efforts and dollars and, sometimes, when the fit is there, the deserving charity turn out to be one of our nonprofit clients.
  • Likewise, we help our nonprofit clients find companies that will support their mission and get back much more in return for their generosity. And yes, sometimes those are our own generous for-profit clients.

It’s difficult for things to get stale at HKA with all the new information we are constantly learning and then communicating to others. One more bonus: our business model has contributed to our more than three decades in business. So, when I say Variety is the spice of life, it’s clear to me I wouldn’t have it any other way.