By Patti Martin Bartsche, Kates-Boylston Publications
February 13, 2019

Dignity Memorial representatives have named Ruth Velez the new general manager of Fairhaven Memorial Park & Mortuary in Santa Ana. Velez has extensive familiarity with the mortuary, having been employed there for 23 years and serving in four different positions.

“Ruth is an exemplary member of our staff and has really shown her dedication and passion for this industry throughout her years of service,” said Rod Gomez, Dignity Memorial area vice president. “She started in an entry-level position and has taken ownership of every role she’s had since. Her compassionate nature makes her an ideal fit for this leadership role.”

When Velez began her career at Fairhaven in 1996, she began with an entry-level position, as the clerk who hand-typed every death certificate and was responsible for tracking down physicians to add their signature before a burial service could take place. These efforts took her to many local hospitals, medical offices, restaurants and even a golf course.

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