Client Spotlight

The ICLT tackles the housing crisis head-on by providing permanent, high-quality affordable housing to low- and moderate-income residents. Of course, “low- and moderate-income” is a relative term here. ICLT residents include teachers, artists and first responders – the backbone of any strong community. It also reserves units for populations that are most in need, including veterans and adults with developmental disabilities.

Established by the city of Irvine in 2006, the entity split off as a private nonprofit in 2017, and that’s when HKA joined the cause by providing a full range of communications services to help the ICLT tell its story.

And what a great story it is! Last year, the ICLT opened Parc Derian, a beautiful, award-winning property in the heart of the Irvine Business Complex. Earlier this year, the nonprofit was awarded the platinum award for transparency by GuideStar for going above and beyond industry standards in its accessibility and disclosure of financial records to the public. This month, it broke ground on its next great community called Salerno. The ICLT also is in discussions to develop another community next year that will offer homes for sale to moderate-income families.

The ICLT has been active in Sacramento as well, working with legislators on a bill to incentivize faster construction of affordable housing for community land trusts. HKA has been able to secure statewide media coverage as the bill works its way through the Legislature, and that coverage was leveraged through a variety of digital media vehicles targeting key legislative districts.

The best way to tell the ICLT story, though, is through the people who are most impacted by its work. To that end, HKA has helped the ICLT launch an ambitious content campaign called “Stories from Home” that features ICLT residents on different platforms, including short “snackable” videos, going about a typical day, contributing to the community and explaining how the ICLT has changed their lives for the better.