Client Spotlight

Formed in 2017 and based in Vancouver, Canada, mCloud is acutely aware that as technology advances, unprecedented opportunities arise for businesses to improve operations and profitability.  The company leverages proprietary AI and data analytics with IoT and the cloud to bring unprecedented efficiencies to a variety of industries, including smart buildings, wind power farms and oil & gas facilities.

Led by a veteran management team, the company has acquired seven firms in less than two years and now boasts 30,000-plus connected assets in thousands of locations worldwide, serving more than 100 blue-chip customers, including Starbucks, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America and more.

Despite its initial success, mCloud was still largely an unknown quantity to trade, tech and business media audiences, having never pursued media coverage in its brief history. mCloud saw a need to expand its customer base as well as enhance investor interest throughout North America with a comprehensive PR program.  In June, the company engaged with HKA.

HKA developed a strategic plan to create a “snowball effect” of media coverage, starting with smaller media outlets and expanding to those with larger audiences.  mCloud’s messages resonated strongly with the media, including its unusually aggressive acquisition strategy, its focus on markets currently under-served by advanced tech, and the rise of the Canadian tech sector.

Within a few short weeks of mCloud’s communications partnership with HKA, it was covered by the Vancouver business media as well as key trade publications. This initial exposure led to mCloud’s first articles in major U.S. tech media as well as a live television interview of the CEO by Canada’s most recognized business journalist.  mCloud’s CEO was then given the opportunity to publish a high-profile opinion piece in a major Silicon Valley media outlet.  The piece led to interest in an interview from the leading streaming business news site in the U.S.

As its media coverage has exploded, so has its business. mCloud is looking at a projected run rate of $55 million this fiscal year with 400-plus staff around the world.  It plans to “up-list” from the venture microcap exchange in Canada to the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) as well as secure a NASDAQ listing in the U.S.

More nimble and creative than its established competitors in the asset management industry, mCloud is well-positioned for rapid growth over the next few years. The company believes there are more than 10 million assets that have the potential to be connected in its target markets worldwide.

Unquestionably, mCloud is a company to watch, and HKA is in the enviable position of being able to contribute to its success.