Client Spotlight

Since 1958, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and the Inland Empire has helped provide regional mentorship to at-risk youth. The nonprofit’s one-to-one mentoring programs create meaningful relationships with children – often from single parent, low-income households – to provide support, guidance and friendship through the child’s life. After six decades impacting the lives of children, the organization has grown to be one of the largest chapters in the nation.

Big Brothers Big Sisters works with numerous community outlets and touchpoints to help as many children as possible.  The organization extends its reach to high schools, corporations and prominent local individuals. Two years ago, Big Brothers Big Sisters approached HKA to help leverage one of its newer partnerships – with baseball superstar Mike Trout of the Angels. As a spokesperson and mentoring ambassador for the organization, Trout helped to drive considerable awareness of the need for more mentors.  He helped fundraise, and he met with matches for one-on-one mentoring.

Today, HKA continues to support the commendable and multifaceted efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters as the nonprofit harnesses and deploys the life-changing power of mentorship through inspiring annual events to engage the public, including Bowl for Kid’s Sake, Angelitos de Oro Card Sales Week with South Coast Plaza and Gourmet Dinner.  The organization’s impact is substantial.  Nearly all children participating in a Big Brothers Big Sisters match go on to graduate high school and pursue higher education or vocational training – an achievement many “Littles” attribute to having a “Big” mentor that helped them believe success is possible.

Clearly, Big Brothers Big Sisters invests in the lives of every child it supports to help that child achieve his/her full potential – always with a forward-thinking approach.  This same type of progressive innovation comes to life inside the organization, too.  With similar passion, Big Brothers Big Sisters cultivates the strengths and supports the enthusiasm of team members. Professional development programs and other helpful benefits are in place to encourage employees to be trailblazers in bringing the mission to life. Work-from-home opportunities, generous paid time off, Taco Man Mondays, sponsored social events and a wellness committee are just a few of the investments Big Brothers Big Sisters has made in its staff to create a dynamic workplace and upbeat culture. For this reason, the nonprofit is regularly rated a Top Workplace in Orange County.

While already making a lasting impact on the lives of so many children across the Orange County/Inland Empire community landscape, Big Brothers Big Sisters has no plans of slowing down.  The need for mentors is greater than ever, and the organization continues to be driven by a mission to provide strong, enduring, one-to-one, professionally supported mentoring relationships for every child who needs and wants one.  As long as there is at least one child with a hand raised, the organization will have someone to serve.