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Ever stare at yourself in a funhouse mirror, or put on a colleague’s prescription glasses?  Were you entranced as a kid by kaleidoscopes or prisms?  How about the magical Mattel View Master?  Lenses are all around us, shaping what we see.  A coworker’s spectacles, a curved sheet of reflective glass, an iconic childhood toy – all filters for our eyes.  Vacations to faraway places also belong on this list, screening our vision and affecting our view.

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Busy as Beavers

The first three months of the year flew by at HKA.  Q1 was a blur.  Never a dull day.  Where did the time go?  It seems like just yesterday…choose your cliché.  Here’s the thing about clichés. They get overused because they fit in almost every instance.  They just work.  They do the trick.  Albeit totally unoriginal, clichés help us to paint pictures with words.  As 2018 got underway, we raced from the gate – but not too fast.  After all, haste makes waste.

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Client Spotlight

A few years ago, HKA took up long-term residence at Laura’s House.  Of course, this wasn’t a literal move-in.  Laura’s House is an Orange County nonprofit and vocal national leader in the fight to break the cycle of domestic violence, and HKA has been steadfastly committed to its mission since 2014.  Agency CEO Hilary Kaye joined the board a year later, devoting personal time, applying focused energies and marshalling company resources to this much-admired organization.

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Big Data…Small World


Unintended consequences.  Planning for an outcome, only to have the opposite occur.  Data-mining and analytics are supposed to open the world to new information and experiences for digital citizens, providing fresh content and a limitless universe of unrepeating material.  However, the more things change, the more they stay the same, even as emerging technology would suggest otherwise.  While endless streams of unique information are at our fingertips, originality often is out of reach.
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