Seeing Progress

Why do we do what we do?  What motivates us?  What inspires us to take action?  When it comes to good deeds, feeling content and grinning proudly often are enough.  We sleep better knowing we did the right thing – even if we don’t witness the impact of our action.  However, when kindness yields a positive outcome we can see and fully experience, warm feelings become a bit warmer, grins grow wider and we find even more peace when we lie down for the night.

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Dashing to the Finish Line

October arrives.  Halloween fast approaches…and then it’s gone – quickly replaced by a few weeks of anticipation for Thanksgiving and family togetherness.  And, even before the leftovers are gobbled up, it’s upon us – a mad scramble to shop for gifts, make travel plans and dust-off holiday decorations.  That seems to sum up the last three months of any year.  Agency life is often just as frenetic, moving quickly from one item to the next, especially as the year winds down.  Don’t blink.  You might miss something.

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Client Spotlight

For more than half a century, Southern Californians have been turning to a single, premier destination for their investment management, trust and fiduciary real estate and business services. Some may know First American Trust for its magnificent Roman architecture along the 55 Freeway at MacArthur Blvd.  Others know it as a leading financial authority that frequently appears in prominent business publications, including Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.  HKA is proud to know First American Trust in these – and many other ways, including as a longtime client.

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PResolutions for the New Year

A new year is a great time to consider getting in (or back to) the gym.  How about a commitment to read more and speed less?  Connecting more with friends and family?  Always a good pledge.  Getting organized?  Check.  Donating old clothes?  On the list.  No matter the goal, it’s clear the beginning of a new year is a time to reset, reevaluate and recharge.  The same is true in business, where marketing trends present abundant opportunities to anchor a resolution.
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