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A Favorite Longshot

It’s no small feat to pick the winner of a horse race.  Of course, the odds of hitting a trifecta – correctly selecting the first- second- and third-place finishers – are staggering.  If it happens, the satisfaction (not to mention the payout) is tremendous.  While there isn’t a racetrack betting window at HKA, occasionally it feels like our horses cross the finish line in the proper order, making for a rewarding experience, especially during event season.

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Halftime Scoreboard

That’s the end of the second quarter, folks.  At the half, the home team has jumped out to its biggest lead of the game.  This is a powerhouse squad we’re seeing on full display.  Another period is in the books, so let’s look back at the thrilling second quarter highlights – brought to you by our friends at HKA.  HKA – delivering MVP-caliber marketing communications services for more than 30 years.

Review Q2

Anand Kannan

Client Spotlight

Top-notch auditing services.  Check.  Best-in-class tax strategy.  Check.  Proven M&A consulting.  Check.  Sound business counsel.  Check.  Warmth, generosity, authenticity and a culture of giving.  Check.  Wait – say what?  For 30 years, Haskell & White has naturally and artfully mixed client service and community service.  Nobody has done it better.  Check (out Haskell & White).

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Advice for the Advisories

Examine the keyboard of any financial advisor. You may spot a few well-worn buttons, including the period (it’s a decimal point to those in the money biz) and the venerable dollar sign.  The number sign (it’s a hashtag to those in marketing) may also be fading.  A proud son of the social media revolution, the hashtag key is being used more frequently in financial services.  Just don’t press too hard.
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