Back to the Future

Back to the Future

We’re not talking about Marty McFly, Doc Brown or gigawatt-powered time machines.  Ironically, however, Michael J. Fox first grabbed the wheel of that iconic DeLorean only a few months after HKA was established.  So, it seems appropriate to discuss the future of the agency with a quick trip back in time.  Cue the Huey Lewis track. 

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Fantastic Four

HKA’s busy summer quarter was highlighted by a quartet of extraordinary people, placements, presentations and personnel. The agency is extremely proud of its Q3 efforts that included a heartwarming news story, widespread client media coverage, an important nonprofit speaking engagement and the arrival of an impressive new team member.

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Anand Kannan

Client Spotlight

HKA maintains a long history representing pioneering, community-minded and life-changing organizations.  Community Preservation Partners (CPP) happens to be all three, and we’re proud to call CPP a client.  With its roots in helping others grow roots of their own, CPP takes its rightful place in this issue under the glow of our client spotlight.

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Yay Team

We all know the cliché.  There’s no “I” in “team.”  So, is there a “me” in “team?”  Yes – as an inspiring expression of management.  When leaders check their egos at the door and derive great personal satisfaction from the exemplary work performed by others, they embody the “me” in “team” – most admirably.

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