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Positives and Negatives

We live in a digital world.  Fact.  The digital world is moving swiftly.  Fact.  The digital world is a desirable place to live.  Well, that depends on who you ask, especially as advancing technology yields many blessings – and plenty of curses.  During times of rapid change and evolving innovation, both sides of the coin come into view.  Fact.

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75 Cents

July, August and September.  The lazy days of summer are made up of three hot months.  But we certainly were not idle, nor did we find a moment to cool off with so much happening.  As the end of summer drew near and crisp autumn mornings loomed, HKA was just getting warmed up with lots going on throughout the third quarter.

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Anand Kannan

Client Spotlight

Mobility is not the means to move from place to place – to get from one location to the next.  No, mobility is the ability to live – to thrive and to flourish.  For those with disabilities in the developing world, being immobile often means extreme poverty, lack of education and unimaginable adversity.  One organization has changed the fate of millions – two wheels at a time.

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HKA team

Don’t Be an Ostrich

In uncertain times, the thirst for information is at its zenith, and conversations are therefore critical.  As many people, especially experts, tend to back away from discussions about topics that often are layered with gray shades of ambiguity, those breaking from the pack to lead a dialogue during lingering doubt can (and should) differentiate themselves from the rest.
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