Client Spotlight

Quantum computing startup Q-CTRL is at the center of a technology universe that’s being discovered and mapped as we speak.  Funded by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms, including Silicon Valley-based Sierra Ventures and Sequoia Capital, Q-CTRL helps companies leverage the exotic properties of subatomic physics to achieve computations far beyond the reach of even today’s fastest computers.

Q-CTRL was founded in 2017 by CEO Michael J. Biercuk, professor of Quantum Physics and Quantum Technology at The University of Sydney.  Based on research Professor Biercuk developed leading the university’s Quantum Computing Lab, Q-CTRL is dedicated to solving a key obstacle to the development of the first useful quantum computers: the prevalence of computational errors.

Even the most advanced machines being developed today can only run operations for very short periods before errors creep in and programs fail, compromising the potential of quantum computers to enable sought-after breakthroughs in science, pharmaceuticals, finance and more. Error is often noted as the Achilles heel of quantum computing hardware.

Reducing errors caused by environmental ‘noise’ in quantum computers is critical to achieving the results being pursued by the likes of IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and major governments around the world.

HKA initially worked with Q-CTRL in September to promote its Series A funding round and secured prized press coverage in Forbes, TechCrunch and more than a half-dozen other prominent sites. Pleased with the results, Q-CTRL retained the agency to continue beating the drum for the company and technology.  The resulting coverage in Silicon Angle, HPC Wire and App Developer magazine, among others, continues to elevate the visibility of Q-CTRL, with additional major media hits on the way.

In November, Q-CTRL announced it would establish U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles and seeks to fill innumerable positions to help it launch the quantum age.  For our part, HKA plans on leveraging Professor Biercuk’s genius to explain the story of the company and the promise of quantum in language that’s understandable for media at every level, from consumer to business to tech.

The agency is privileged to work with one of the top quantum startups in the world, and we are excited to be standing at the threshold of an amazing new world of scientific discoveries and game-changing innovations.