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Southern California: A Growing Quantum Technology Powerhouse – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our discussion on Southern California’s continuing quantum boom. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. You might not expect surfing to have much in common with quantum computing, but at this one moment in time, they share a key element: the all-encompassing importance of catching the wave. Local startups are catching the quantum wave, including Qulab in Los Angeles, which develops [...]

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Southern California: A Growing Quantum Technology Powerhouse – Part 1

Silicon Beach.  Silicon Alley.  Silicon Prairie. For years throughout the U.S. various regions have tried to replicate the success (and even the name) of the Silicon Valley technology ecosystem and its potent mix of top-flight schools, world-class talent and oodles of venture capital. Business and academic leaders continue to look to the Bay Area’s achievements with considerable ‘Silicon Envy.’ While it’s true Silicon Valley-based companies mostly owned the personal computer, [...]

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Out of Great Crises Comes Great Innovation

In a world that turned upside down virtually overnight, it seems like a good idea to look for some positive news when it can be found. This article from MSN Money provides that encouragement for those of us working in the world of quantum computing PR and startups:  World-changing innovations that came out of global crises. The article shows that past crises as disruptive and disconcerting as the current global [...]

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An Invaluable Resource for Quantum Computing Startups

For quantum computing startup founders and CEOs, or researchers considering making the leap, as well as venture capital firms and established tech brands, there is no better global resource to stay abreast of this fascinating industry than the Quantum Computing Report (QCR), the world’s most popular site dedicated to covering the business of quantum computing. […]

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