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Quantum Computing PR

HKA is proud to be one of the first tech PR firms to recognize the significance of quantum computing and provide PR and marketing communications services to startups in this exciting new field.

Why should quantum computing startups take advantage of the services of a California PR agency?

Quantum computing researchers throughout the world are seeking ways to secure funding to commercialize their innovations. They know that a critical first step is to attract the attention of venture capital firms, especially those located in Silicon Valley.

Researchers also realize that the U.S. has committed the most resources of any government in the world toward the development of quantum computing. At the same time, U.S. tech giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are intensely pursuing leadership and innovation in the field.

In addition, Southern California – where HKA is centrally located – is rapidly becoming a global hub for quantum computing innovation with top universities, companies and engineering talent dedicated to furthering the industry.

HKA fully appreciates the potential of quantum computing to change our lives for the better as well as the incredible challenges to make that possible.

From long experience with previous emerging technologies, we also realize that effective PR and marketing communications is invaluable in helping organizations find their place in the quantum ecosystem and succeed.

We are ready to help you realize your quantum computing dreams.

Please contact us to learn how we can help quantum startups like yours get the attention of media, partners, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

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