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Sifted: Bpifrance: Inside the machine powering French tech’s rise – 2/27/23

VentureBeat: Quantum Brilliance snags $18M funding on synthetic diamond road to quantum chips – 2/15/23 

AFR: Canberra-born quantum computing start-up raises $26m – 2/15/23

The Australian: ‘We can be Google or Microsoft’: Start-up raises $26m – 2/15/23

EE Times: Exploring the Industrial Relevance of QNLP – 2/2/23

ComputerWeekly: Credit Agricole tests quantum in finance – 1/31/23

Fierce Electronics: Certification org moves to keep IoT safe from quantum threat – 1/31/23

TIME: Quantum Computers Could Solve Countless Problems – And Create a Lot of New Ones – 1/26/23

Tech Republic: Credit Agricole successfully experiments with quantum computing – 1/26/23

Forbes: A ‘Dark Horse’ In The Quantum Computing Race Raises €100 Million – 1/24/23

TechCrunch: Pasqal raises €100M to build a neutral atom-based quantum computer – 1/24/23

InformationWeek: Status of Ethical Standards in Emerging Tech – 1/24/23

Reuters: French quantum computer startup PASQAL raises 100 million euros – 1/24/23

Sifted: PASQAL lands Europe’s biggest quantum round after ‘world-first’ real-life use – 1/24/23

EE Times Europe: Pasqal Raises €100M to Build 1,000-Qubit Quantum Computer by 2024 – 1/24/23

The Quantum Insider: PASQAL Raises €100 Million Series B Funding to Advance Neutral Atoms Quantum Computing – 1/24/23

MIT Technology Review: What’s next for quantum computing? – 1/6/23

Sifted: Quantum-as-a-service startups are bringing sci-fi computing to the masses – 1/4/23

AIThority: ‘Quantum Calculator’ Algorithm Demonstrates Ability of Current Quantum Computers to Solve Optimization Problems – 1/2/23

Inside Quantum Technology: Beyond scheduling, quantum can deliver in other ways for airlines – 1/2/23

Quantum Zeitgeist: 6 Quantum Computing Companies to Watch in 2023 – 12/31/22

Enter Quantum: Top Quantum Stories of 2022: Part 4 – 12/30/22

Enter Quantum: Top Quantum Stories of 2022: Part 3 – 12/29/22

Sifted: Spanish tech in review: The key moments of 2022 – 12/26/22

Quantum Computing Report: Ford and BMW Solve Quantum Chemical Challenges with Quantinuum’s InQuanto – 12/26/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Q-CTRL’s Hush: Quantum computing ecosystem will continue to expand in 2023 – 12/23/22

RT Insights: Quantum Natural Language Processing Deployed on BBC Archives – 12/22/22

Enter Quantum: Ford Taps Quantum for Future EV Battery Development – 12/20/22

Fierce Electronics: Hyundai, Ford expand partnerships with quantum computing firms – 12/20/22

Quantum Zeitgeist: Ford Verifies The Significance Of Quantum Computing In Future EV Battery Development – 12/16/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Ford and Quantinuum update on EV battery simulation project – 12/16/22

Quantum Zeitgeist: Multiverse’s Quantum Calculator Algorithm Demonstrates Quantum Computers Can solve Optimization Problems – 12/16/22

Gizmodo: Ford is Using Quantum Computing to Research its Own EV Battery Tech – 12/15/22

Scientific Computing World: InQuanto 2.0 – 12/15/22

CNET: Quantum Computing Will Change Our Lives. But Be Patient, Please – 12/14/22

The Quantum Insider: Multiverse Computing Research Shows Limited-Qubit Devices Can Find Solutions to Complex Math Problems – 12/14/22

Enter Quantum: Advanced Mathematical Tool Created by Quantum Computer – 12/14/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Multiverse says new algorithm increases value of NISQ machines – 12/14/22

R&D World: ‘Quantum Calculator’ demonstrates quantum computers’ ability to solve optimization problems – 12/14/22

Tech Monitor: Quantum calculator aids in optimisation issues – 12/14/22

IDC: Fire Opal: Q-CTRL’s Frictionless Quantum Software for Error Suppression – 12/13/22

DigiTimes: Ford partners with quantum computing startup for battery research – 12/12/22

The Quantum Insider: Q-CTRL Releases Free Access to Fire Opal for End Users to Improve Quantum Algorithm Performance by up to >1,000x – 12/8/22

Bloomberg Law: Quantum Contractors Wary of Global Activity Curbs to Foil China – 12/7/22

FedScoop: Post-quantum cryptography experts brace for long transition despite White House deadlines – 12/7/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum Tech Pod Episode 40: Quantinuum Chief Scientist Bob Coecke – 12/6/22

Enter Quantum: JPMorgan Uses Quantum Computing to Summarize Documents – 12/5/22

FedScoop: US, France agree to increase collaboration on quantum – 12/1/22

Quantum Computing Report: Research Roundup for November 2022 – 12/1/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantinuum joins consortium with University College London & the British Broadcasting Corporation to explore quantum natural language processing – 11/30/22

AIThority: UCL Computer Science To Explore Natural Language Processing On Quantum Computers For Content Discovery and Archive Retrieval – 11/30/22

Enter Quantum: BBC Joins Quantum Group to Access Archives – 11/29/22

HPCwire: Quantinuum Joins Consortium to Explore NLP on Quantum Computers – 11/28/22

The Quantum Insider: QNLP at The Beeb — Quantinuum, BBC Join Consortium to Explore Real-World Uses for Quantum Natural Language Processing – 11/28/22

DKoding: UCL Computer Science To Explore Natural Language Processing On Quantum Computers For Content Discovery and Archive Retrieval – 11/28/22

Barron’s: Quantum Computing Will Change the World. How to Play the Stocks. – 11/27/22

VentureBeat: Q-Ctrl and Classiq partner to help developers build faster and more efficient quantum algorithms – 11/25/22

Scientific Computing World: UCL computer science to explore natural language processing on quantum computers – 11/25/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Italy’s Eni and Pasqal explore the intersection of HPC and quantum – 11/24/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Harvest Now, Decrypt Later – 11/23/22

The Quantum Insider: Review of PASQAL’s Quantum Computing Technology in 2022 – 11/21/22

Enter Quantum: Quantum, AI Companies Partner on Biotech and Pharma – 11/18/22

Nasdaq: Oil Prices Continue Decline as Geopolitical Tensions Ease Over Missile Crash in Poland – 11/17/22

Financial Times: Tech Champions 2022: The winners and the shortlists – 11/13/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Q-CTRL adds two new execs to lead marketing, finance efforts – 11/8/22

Quantum Zeitgeist: Quantum, AI Companies Partner on Biotech and Pharma – 11/7/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum and the supply chain – 11/4/22

Enter Quantum: Quantum Computing Summit Austin: Stories of the Year Unveiled – 11/3/22

Quantum Tech Pod: Episode 38: Tony Uttley, Quantinuum President and COO – 11/2/22

Enter Quantum: Quantum, AI Companies Partner on Biotech and Pharma – 11/1/22

EE Times: Quantum Computing Vision Meets Manufacturing Production Lines – 10/26/22

Business Insider: Quantum computing offers banks speed, cost efficiency, and competitive advantage – 10/12/22

American Banker: Ally tests use of quantum computing to build investment portfolios – 10/7/22

Scientific Computing World: Quantinuum sets new record with highest ever quantum volume – 9/29/22

Automotive World: Automotive is on the verge of a quantum computing revolution – 9/28/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum security experts are in step with NSA’s PQC timeline – 9/28/22

Quantum Zeitgeist: A Taste of Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal, optimizing your quantum circuits – 9/28/22

HPCwire: Quantinuum Sets New Record with Highest Ever Quantum Volume – 9/27/22

Protocol: The future of quantum starts now – 9/25/22

IEEE Spectrum: Disentangling the Facts from the Hype of Quantum Computing– 9/19/22

The Next Web:  The European automobile industry is going quantum – 9/19/22

CNET: Quantum Computing’s Impact Could Come Sooner Than You Think – 9/16/22

The Quantum Insider: PASQAL Reports New Quantum Processor Architecture Hits Record 324 atoms – 9/15/22

Federal News Network: Can the government prevent a grid shutdown from a quantum cyber attack? – 9/13/22

Smart Energy International: Quantum computing to advance electric vehicle mobility – 9/13/22

EE Times: Spreading the Quantum Knowledge – 9/13/22

Security Today: The Final Frontier for Quantum-Resilient Cybersecurity: Why We Need to Incorporate Post-Quantum Cybersecurity into Satellite Communication Architectures – 9/9/22

Dark Reading: A Pragmatic Response to the Quantum Threat – 9/8/22

National Defense Magazine: Algorithmic Warfare: Government Seeking Quantum-Proof Encryption – 9/6/22

Computer Weekly: Quantum Computing: Industrial Opportunities – 8/31/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Objectivity and Multiverse aim to bring quantum solutions to EMEA firms – 8/31/22

Quantum Computing Report: Multiverse Computing Introduces a New Version of their Singularity Portfolio Optimization Software – 8/28/22

Forbes:  Q-CTRL Launches New Division to Create Advanced Software-Defined Quantum Sensors – 8/24/22

Chemical Week: BASF partners with quantum computing firm in Spain – 8/23/22

Inside Quantum Technology: IQM, Multiverse partner – 8/22/22

Live Science: Scientists blast atoms with Fibonacci laser to make an ‘extra’ dimension of time – 8/21/22

R&D World Online: Tech companies team up to defect defects in manufacturing with quantum computing – 8/18/22

EE News: IQM teams to develop application specific processors – 8/18/22

Scientific Computing World: Partnership aims to develop application-specific processors for quantum applications – 8/18/22

Photonics: Quantum Artificial Vision Shines on Production Line – 8/17/22

Automation Magazine: Multiverse Computing and IKERLAN detect defects in manufacturing with quantum computing vision – 8/17/22

New Electronics: Defects in manufacturing detected with quantum computing vision – 8/17/22

EE News Europe: First quantum processing for industrial AI vision – 8/16/22

StockHead: ASX Tech Stocks: Aussie Army Quantum Technology Challenge kicks off and a freight marketplace merger now – 8/11/22

New Electronics: Multiverse Computing and Bosch unveil quantum Digital Twin Initiative  – 8/2/22

VentureBeat: Bosch’s new partnership aims to explore quantum digital twins – 8/1/22

Protocol: Welcome to the new US-China tech war – 7/31/22

Robotics and Automation News: Multiverse Computing to develop quantum digital twin for Bosch manufacturing facility – 7/27/22

Tech.eu:  Bosch Group steps into the Multiverse Computing with quantum digital twin initiative  – 7/27/22

Computer Weekly: Quantum researchers advance error handling – 7/26/22

SciTechDaily: Physicists Create Mind-Bending New Phase of Matter That Acts Like It Has Two Time Dimensions – 7/22/22

Interesting Engineering: Quantum computing breakthrough: a phase of matter that exists in two time dimensions – 7/21/22

VentureBeat: Pasqal, BASF to collaborate on quantum compute-powered weather modeling – 7/20/22

Electronics Weekly: Quantum computing and chemistry companies link for semiconductor research – 7/13/22

New Electronics: Companies to explore quantum computing for semiconductor research – 7/13/22

EE News Europe: Quantum deal to look at semiconductor materials – 7/13/22

Cyber News: Quantum platform to boost scientific research – 7/13/22


Tech Target: Nvidia QODA platform integrates quantum, classical computing – 7/12/22

ZDNet: Nvidia’s new platform could usher in the era of hybrid quantum-classical computing – 7/12/22

SiliconANGLE: Nvidia unveils QODA platform to accelerate hybrid quantum-classical computing research – 7/12/22

VentureBeat: Nvidia reveals QODA platform for quantum, classical computing – 7/12/22

FedScoop: Security experts urge agencies to test post-quantum cryptography algorithms now  – 6/28/22

The Quantum Insider: Long Story Short: Researchers Say Quantum Computers May be Better at Summarizing Long Documents – 6/27/22

Enter Quantum: How Chemists Use Quantum Computers – 6/24/22

HPCwire: Multiverse Computing Named a 2022 Gartner Cool Vendor in Quantum Computing – 6/23/22

Semiconductor Engineering: Week in Review: Design, Low Power – 6/17/22

Optics: Quantinuum upgrades its Model H1 quantum-computer – expanding to 20 connected qubits. – 6/16/22

Scientific Computing World: Quantinuum completes hardware upgrade – 6/15/22

Silicon Angle: Quantum computing service provider Quantinuum boosts its hardware to 20 qubits – 6/14/22

TechTarget: Quantinuum quantum systems now support parallel operations – 6/14/22

Quantum Computing Report: Quantinuum Upgrades their Ion Trap Processor to 20 Fully Connected Qubits – 6/14/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantinuum expands H1 system to 20 qubits, wins respect of JPMorgan Chase – 6/27/22

HPCwire: Quantinuum Debuts 20-Qubit H1-1 System; JPMorgan Chase Showcases its Strength – 6/14/22

insideHPC: Quantinuum: Hardware Upgrade Completed with 20 Connected Qubits – 6/14/22

New Electronics: Quantinuum achieves 20 fully connected qubits after hardware upgrade – 6/14/22

Sifted: 13 under the radar Spanish startups from outside Madrid and Barcelona – 6/10/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Pasqal names Catherine Lefebvre to lead North America expansion – 6/6/22

The Quantum Computing Report: Pasqal Opens Offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Sherbrooke, Canada – 6/5/22

The Quantum Insider: What Is Quantum Cryptography? A Look at Quantum Threats And Quantum Solutions – 5/27/22

Lifewire: Quantum Computing Could Help Save the Earth… Eventually – 5/27/22

The Quantum Insider: Top 35 Open Source Quantum Computing Tools [2022] – 5/27/22

Physics World: The quantum hype cycle, revisited – 5/26/22

EE Times EU: BMW, Pasqal Apply Quantum Computing to Car Design, Manufacturing – 5/22/22

Australian Financial Review: Election 2022: Tech sector wants bigger seat at Albo’s table – 5/22/22

Enter Quantum: How BMW Uses Quantum to Disrupt Vehicle Manufacturing – 5/18/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum Tech Pod Episode 28: Scalable Quantum Processors With Georges-Oliver Reymond, PASQAL CEO – 5/18/22

Enter Quantum: BMW Group and Pasqal aim to improve manufacturing modeling. – 5/12/22

Australian Financial Review: Labor pledges $1b fund for critical new technologies – 5/12/22

Enter Quantum: Quantum companies welcome Biden initiatives – 5/12/22

Inside Quantum Technology: BMW Group Extends Relationship With Pasqal To Metal-Forming Simulations – 5/11/22

EENews Automotive: A collaboration with Pasqal aims to make BMW Group’s cars safer, lighter and more fuel efficient through accelerated simulations.  – 5/11/22

Sifted: Ranking: Spanish tech startups to watch in 2022 – 5/10/22

Sifted: Europe has a deeptech scaling problem, here’s why – 5/10/22

Tech HQ: Is the US setting the pace for quantum computing in cybersecurity? – 5/10/22

InnovationAus: Opportunity over fear in quantum technology: Biercuk – 5/8/22

FedScoop: Moving quantum committee under White House authority expected to improve inter-agency coordination – 5/5/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Potential cybersecurity risk of quantum computing for investors considering Bitcoin as a diversification strategy – 5/2/22

TechRadar: PureVPN adds quantum-resistant encryption keys to its VPN – 4/27/22

InfoSecurity Magazine: Security Teams Should Be Addressing Quantum Cyber-Threats Now – 4/26/22

Inside Quantum Technology: PureVPN uses Quantinuum platform as it advances quantum-resistant encryption roadmap – 4/26/22

CyberNews: PureVPN starts rolling out quantum-resistant encryption keys – 4/26/22

FedScoop: Quantum cyber legislation recognizes difficult transition lies ahead – 4/25/22

Nextgov: New legislation advocates safeguarding U.S. online networks with quantum-resistant encryption as a preemptive cybersecurity measure. – 4/22/22

Federal Tech Podcast: Applying Quantum Computing to Federal Challenges – 4/19/22

Financial Post: Bank of Canada taps quantum computing startup to tackle complex financial problems – 4/18/22

HPCwire: Quantinuum Announces Quantum Volume 4096 Achievement – 4/18/22

Decrypt: Bank of Canada Using Quantum Computing To Simulate Crypto Adoption Scenarios – 4/14/22

Cointelegraph: Quantum computing firm simulates adoption of crypto payments – 4/14/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Multiverse completes crypto payments simulation with Bank of Canada – 4/14/22

Forbes: Quantinuum Enhances The World’s First Quantum Natural Language Processing Toolkit Making It Even More Powerful – 4/12/22

TechRadar: OpenSSH is now quantum-secure, apparently – 4/11/22

TechRepublic: Quantum computing ecosystem expands in all directions – 4/11/22

The Australian Financial Review: Lunchbox-sized quantum computer on the fast track to market – 4/7/22

ComputerWeekly: Siemens looks at quantum computing to accelerate simulations – 4/6/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantinuum updates natural language processing toolkit – 3/30/22

HPCwire: Quantinuum Announces Updates to Quantum NLP Toolkit λambeq – 3/29/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantinuum’s Duncan Jones on Quantum Origin, cyber warfare and the migration to a quantum-safe future – 3/27/22

EE Times Europe: Why Europe Will Lead the Quantum Revolution – 3/22/22

TheNextWeb: Microsoft looks poised to dominate the quantum computing industry – 3/22/22

GeekWire: Microsoft adds Pasqal’s neutral-atom processors to its Azure Quantum cloud computing lineup – 3/21/22

Lifewire: Future Quantum Computers May Be Powered By Crystals – 3/16/22

The Register: Saudi Aramco teams up with Pasqal on quantum computing – 3/9/22

EE Times Europe: Pasqal and Qu&Co scale the Global Market for Quantum Applications – 3/9/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Multiverse Celebrated International Women’s Day & Doubling Down On Recruitment Of Women – 3/9/22

EE Times Europe: Wanted: More Women in Quantum Technologies – 3/8/22

ZDNet: Q-CTRL touts error-correction methods boost quantum algorithm success by 1000 times – 3/8/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Q-CTRL Touts Error Correction Improvements, Plans APS Technology Unveiling – 3/8/22

InnovationAus.com: Q-CTRL takes ‘enormous step’ toward achieving quantum advantage – 3/8/22

The Quantum Computing Report: Who’s News: Management Changes at Rigetti, IQM, QC Ware, Equal1, and Multiverse Computing – 3/6/22

Inside Quantum Technology: SPAM wars: Quantinuum said it nudged ahead of IonQ for accuracy record – 3/7/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum Tech Pod Episode 21: Quantinuum CEO Ilyas Khan – 3/3/22

Business Weekly: IBM invests in Quantinuum and opens up fresh ML tech horizons – 2/27/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum Tech Pod Episode 19: Multiverse Computing CTO Sam Mugel – 2/24/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Bar-Ilan U Team Finds Quantinuum H1 Quantum Computer Outperforms Classical System At Game Designed to Test Quantum Mechanics – 2/24/22

EE News Europe:  Quantinuum extends UK quantum UK hub with IBM deal – 2/23/22

Australian Financial Review:  Call for industry-led approach or risk quantum research edge – 2/23/22

Digital Journal: Plenty of chips? European boost to the computing sector – 2/22/22

TechRepublic: Quantum news: D-Wave goes public via a blank check company while Q-CTRL wins an SBIR grant – 2/15/22

Interesting Engineering: What Europe’s $48 billion chips plan could do for quantum computing – 2/9/22

EE Times: Research Efforts Seeks Diamond-Based Quantum Processors – 2/9/22

TechRadar: What is the roadmap to a quantum-safe future? – 2/8/22

Inside Quantum Technology: Multiverse teams with Xanadu to speed app development – 2/2/22

Sifted: Quantum: $96m in deals makes January a bumper month – 2/1/22

Daily Mail Online: Quantum leap into future ‘Diamond Valley’ – 1/25/22

HPCwire: Multiverse Computing Introduces Quantum-Based Fair Price Solution for Investment Portfolios – 1/19/22

HPCwire: Multiverse Targets ‘Quantum Computing for the Masses’ – 1/19/22

EE News Europe: €20m project to build room temperature diamond quantum processor – 1/19/22

HPCwire: Q-Ctrl – Tackling Quantum Hardware’s Noise Problems with Software – 1/13/22

SiliconANGLE: European startups Pasqal and Qu&Co join forces to create quantum advantage faster – 1/11/22

Tech Republic: Quantum startups Pasqal and Qu&Co merge and promise 1,000 qubits by 2023 – 1/11/22

HPCwire: Multiverse Computing Participates in Spanish Consortium to Run ‘CUCO’ Quantum Project – 1/11/22

NewsBreak: Multiverse Computing Participates in Spanish Consortium to Run ‘CUCO’ Quantum Project – 1/11/22

Forbes: Quantum Computing Expanded in 2021, Setting Up A Big 2022 – 1/10/22

Financial Times: Quantum advantage is the next goal in the race for a new computer age – 1/3/22

CNET: Quantum computers are on the path to solving bigger problems for BMW, LG and others – 12/30/21

Inside Quantum Technology: Quantum Brilliance on sector achievements visions and COVID – 12/22/21

GCN: Are we prepared for quantum-based security? – 12/17/21

Pharmaceutical Technology: How technology could transform drug research in 2022 – 12/14/21

EE Times: Synthetic Quantum Systems Help Solve Complex Real-World Applications – 12/13/21

Tech News World: Cybersecurity Pros Uneasy Over Prospect of Quantum Sneak Attack – 12/8/21

ZDNet: South Australian government to throw AU$20m at new Australian Space Park – 12/7/21

The New Stack: Q-CTRL Black Opal: Quantum Learning for the Masses – 12/3/21

Tech Crunch: Sydney-based quantum sensing startup Q-CTRL raises $25M Series B led by Airbus Ventures – 11/30/21

Tech Republic: Q-CTRL launches online course about quantum computing for people who didn’t study physics 11/19/21

The New Stack: Lambeq, a Toolkit for Quantum Natural Language Processing 11/12/21

Tech Crunch: Why quantum “utility” should replace quantum advantage – 11/11/21

Tech Republic: Quantum news: Advances in error correction and startup of the year award in France 11/5/21

Venture Beat: Multiverse Computing utilizes quantum tools for finance apps – 11/1/21

Venture Beat: Gartner advises tech leaders to prepare for action as quantum computing spreads 10/21/21

Sifted: Quantum algorithms that speed up banking operations 100x are here 10/20/21

Forbes: Cambridge Quantum Makes Quantum Natural Language Processing a Reality 10/13/21

Mining Magazine: Strip mining and open-pit mining are being transformed by new technologies 10/12/21

Business Insider: See the pitch deck quantum computing startup Pasqal used to raise $29.3 million and compete with Google and IBM 10/5/21

Tech Republic: Cambridge quantum makes TKET SDK open source 9/29/21

Computer Weekly: Ultimate questions require ultimate understanding in the quantum era 9/28/21

DevOps: How quantum computing can solve real world problems 9/24/21

Betakit: Quantum Algorithms Institute seeks new partners as it works to accelerate BC’s quantum computing ecosystem – 9/2/21

ComputerWorld: We may have small diamond-based quantum computers in our hands within five years – 8/26/21

Canberra Times: Everyday quantum computing a step closer – 8/26/21

Sifted: Breakthrough: Quantum computers will soon fit your phone – 8/25/21

BBC News: Climate change: Curbing methane emissions will ‘buy us time’ – 8/11/21

Tech Radar: Blockchain technology could be set for a major security boost – 8/10/21

The New Stack: Algorithm Speeds Monte Carlo Predictions on Quantum Computers – 8/6/21

The Science Times: Quantum Error Computing Source Identified Thanks to Sydney University Machine Learning – 7/31/21

PhysOrg: Machine-learning technique used to pinpoint Quantum errors – 7/29/21

EE Times: Honeywell, Cambridge Quantum to Form Quantum Computing Company – 7/13/21

ZDNet: Australian space manufacturers receive AU$1.3b backing from Canberra – 7/6/2021

Forbes: Quantum Computing: From National Security Bugbear To Investible Proposition – 7/1/2021

IEEE Spectrum: For precision, the sapphire clock outshines even the best atomic clocks – 6/24/21

Barrons:  Honeywell Takes Quantum Leap. The Apple of Quantum Computing Is Here – 6/8/21

Tech Republic: Honeywell Quantum Solutions, Cambridge Quantum creating integrated company – 6/8/2021

Pharmaceutical Technology: Quantum Brilliance: reimagining drug discovery with quantum computing – 6/8/2021

EE Times: Modeling Battery Designs via Quantum Computers – 5/12/2021

Computer Weekly: How Transport for NSW is tapping machine learning – 5/4/2021

IEEE Spectrum: Better Commuting Through Quantum Computing – 4/29/2021

The Machine: Cambridge Quantum pushes into NLP and quantum computing with new head of AI – 4/18/21

ZDNet: NSW looks to quantum computing to improve the state’s transport system – 4/13/2021

The Sydney Morning Herald: How a microscopic particle could improve your Sydney commute – 4/11/2021

IEEE Spectrum: Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator Puts Qubits in a Server Rack – 4/5/2021

EE Times: Diamond-Based Quantum Accelerator Might Make Quantum Practical – 3/30/2021

Neowin: The world’s first diamond-based quantum accelerator to be deployed in Perth – 3/23/2021

Silicon Angle: Quantum Brilliance unveils diamond-based quantum accelerator that can run at room temperature – 3/23/2021

ZDNet: Quantum Sensors Could Soon be Heading into Space – 3/3/2021

IEEE Spectrum: Quantum Computing Makes Inroads Towards Pharma – 3/2/2021

IEEE Spectrum: Quantum Computer Error Correction Is Getting Practical – 2/25/2021

Scientific American: Will Quantum Computers Truly Serve Humanity? – 2/17/2021

EnterpriseAI: AI Software Tool Helping Quantum Computers to ‘Self-Tune’ for Improved Performance – 2/11/2021

ITPro: Q-CTRL’s new AI toolset allows quantum computers to self-optimize – 2/10/2021

ZDNet: The global quantum computing race has begun. What will it take to win it? – 2/9/2021

Chemical & Engineering News: Roche partners to apply quantum computing to drug discovery – 2/6/2021

PhysicsWorld: The ethics of quantum computing, starter homes on the Moon – 2/5/2021

CIO: The Australian C-suite needs to start thinking about quantum computing – 2/4/2021

SD Times: CQC’s tket 0.7 Release – 2/4/2021

App Developer Magazine: Quantum computing companies face new challenges in 2021 – 2/2/2021

Wall Street Journal: Quantum Computing Scientists Call for Ethical Guidelines – 2/1/2021

Forbes: What you Need for Quantum Computing Pilots in 2021 – 1/29/2021

EE Times: Suppressing Errors Enables the Next-Generation Quantum Computing Hardware – 1/29/2021

Axios: Quantum Computing Comes to Drug Discovery – 1/28/2021

Fierce BioTech: Roche Taps into Quantum Computing Software for Alzheimer’s Disease Research – 1/28/2021

Fortune: Roche to Use Quantum Computing for Drug Discovery – 1/28/2021

What the Dev: How quantum computing will impact software development – Episode 81 – 1/26/2021

Forbes: Which Industries Will be Most Impacted by Quantum Computing – 1/11/2021

The Economist: Wall Street’s latest shiny new thing: quantum computing – 12/19/2020

Axios: Quantum computing is poised to take a leap forward – 12/10/2020

Forbes: The Upcoming Women In Quantum Summit III And Its Secret 70 Year-Old Legacy – 12/10/2020

PhysicsWorld: Quantum software company tackles big computing challenges – 11/26/2020

BuiltIn: Will We See a Quantum Computing Revolution? – 11/24/2020

Tech Republic: Quantum Computing: A Cheat Sheet – 11/20/2020

PhysicsWorld: Quantum technology: why the future is already on its way – 11/13/2020

TechRepublic: Author of “Physics for Babies” takes on the challenge of explaining quantum computing – 11/13/2020

TechRepublic: Quantum computing: Here’s a free online course on the basics for business pros – 11/5/2020

TechCrunch: Honeywell announces its H1 quantum computer with 10 qubits – 10/29/2020