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Strategic Alliances

HKA can help you create strategic alliances that capture your desired image and reputation. We are well-known for connecting people, companies and nonprofit organizations. We continually seek opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships to generate tremendous value to all. Some examples:

Corporate Social Responsibility – It’s well-known that many consumers prefer companies that give, rather than just receive. Our clients serve on boards, sponsor events and fund campaigns – often with our guidance. Choosing a nonprofit that ties in with your company’s industry is ideal and we create extra value by leveraging the relationship.

Strategic Partnerships – When we do the math, 1+1 = 3, or more. Partnering a for-profit company with a nonprofit organization can yield big dividends for both.

Sponsorship Activation – It’s one thing to write a check. It’s quite another to activate a sponsorship for maximum benefit. If this doesn’t sound like the sponsorships you create, we can help.

Signature Programs – Sometimes a client needs to make its own statement, rather than piggyback on a nonprofit event already taking place. We love creating HKA signature programs for our clients which yield brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketing.