Strategic relations activities can help you craft your desired image and reputation, perfectly complementing HKA’s other integrated marketing communications programs.

HKA is well known for connecting people, companies and nonprofits. We continually seek opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships to generate tremendous value to all. Some examples:

Corporate social responsibility Consumers prefer companies that give, rather than just receive. Our clients serve on boards, sponsor events and fund campaigns – often with our direction. Our leveraging brings value to all involved.

Strategic partnerships When we do the math, 1 + 1 = 3, or more. Partnering a for-profit company with a nonprofit organization can yield big dividends for both.

Sponsorship activation It’s one thing to write a check. It’s quite another to activate a sponsorship for maximum benefit. If this doesn’t sound like your sponsorships, we can help.

Signature programs  Sometimes a client needs to make its own statement, rather than piggyback on a nonprofit event. HKA’s “signature” programs yield brand ambassadors and word-of-mouth marketing.