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Cambridge Quantum values the high quality of client service HKA has delivered during a period of significant growth and international expansion. The team has excelled in assisting Cambridge Quantum to develop and manage its overall long-term positioning and communicate the transformative impact of its technology to a broad range of stakeholders on a global basis, including journalists, shareholders, employees, commercial and strategic partners. HKA has also provided counsel and support for all our major corporate announcements, securing top-tier media coverage that raised awareness with key constituents in North America.

Waseem Shiraz, Chief Operating Officer Cambridge Quantum

“PR is performance recognition”, said Douglas Smith, the PR legend who passed away a decade ago. And that is what HKA delivered for us in a complex Quantum Tech ecosystem with actionable ideas on how to position our efforts, compelling storylines for our projects and, ultimately, recognition of our performance in Forbes, Nature and many other media outlets. If you work in QIS and need PR – and you do – then HKA is your first choice.

André M. König, Chairman, OneQuantum CEO, Interference Advisors Managing Partner, Entanglement Capital

In a few short months, HKA raised mCloud’s visibility among our investors, customers and other stakeholders that helped build a strong foundation for continuing growth. They understood our value proposition and consistently communicated it in compelling and creative ways to the market that created results.

Barry Po, Chief Marketing Officer, mCloud Technologies