Looking Ahead While Reflecting Back

It’s an iconic television news program that made Barbara Walters a household name.  It’s also the eyesight we’d all like to have – without a need for glasses or contacts.  And, at least for a few more weeks until it becomes second nature, it’s the year we’ll forget to write on our personal checks.  2020 has officially and triumphantly arrived – a celebratory year that brings with it hope and optimism for the new decade ahead and many poignant reflections on the chapters left behind.

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Our Toolkit Runneth Over

The 2019 holidays likely included too much figgy pudding and not enough humble pie, so please indulge our bold claim that HKA delivered an agency masterclass in comprehensive marketing communications work to support Q4 client business objectives.  Sure, there were plenty of traditional media successes – newspaper articles and television news segments that generated plenty of buzz for the organizations we rep.  But HKA also produced an array of late-year events and deployed other unique initiatives that truly depict what it means to be a full-service provider of marketing communications solutions.  Dig in!

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Client Spotlight

A half-century ago, mainframe computers, named for the massive cabinets that housed and protected the technology, changed the world. Considerably more manageable in size, personal computers came next, then the Internet and now smart phones.  What’s on the horizon?  The next revolutionary breakthrough in technology promises to be the largest, most impactful innovation in history, yet it involves the tiniest of particles in the known universe.  Oversized cabinets needn’t apply.


Totally Caffeinated by Quantum

At quaint coffeehouses across the country there’s magic happening.  The unmistakable aroma of dark roast is in the air (not to mention free Wi-Fi).  Reflective espresso makers with hearty levers gently dispense syrupy concoctions, as the gurgle of steam adds sound to countless sights and smells.  Here, the senses awaken long before the caffeine takes effect.  But there’s other magic happening at these wood-paneled establishments, as people come together – joined in conversation – and a connection born of three simple words: Let’s grab coffee.
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