Hilary Kaye

Executive PRspective

When I began my company 32 years ago, I had a partner. Our personalities and work styles were different but our values and goals were aligned and we enjoyed the intensity and excitement of launching our new enterprise. We were young and our planning was minimal (I seem to recall a cocktail napkin), but things just fell into place and we took off running. Those were heady days and I recall them fondly.

My partner and I parted ways a few years later, only because of her health issues. I’ve been flying solo ever since. Fortunately, I’ve been surrounded by talented and dedicated employees all these years. I could not have sustained HKA for three decades (amid three recessions!) without them.

I’d like to sustain HKA even further and 2016 has brought a change that makes me excited for the company and its future. Over the past six years, Kevin Twer has been HKA’s Senior Vice President and my right-hand man – sometimes even my left. Effective immediately, Kevin is now President of HKA and also a partner. Kevin’s role has increased each year and it will expand further as he shares executive leadership with me in the months and years ahead. Similar to my original partner, Kevin’s work style is different than mine, but we see eye-to-eye on most matters. Our values are in sync and the respect is mutual. Kevin thrives on thinking strategically and finding solid and fruitful solutions for whatever our clients need. Yet Kevin is also a creative soul. If you’ve seen the fundraising holiday jingles Kevin created for our client Susan G. Komen you’ll know what I mean.

What does this mean for HKA? Only good things. If my comments are making you wonder – yes, I’m still here. My Chief Executive Officer title is intact. But I’ve been leading business development efforts here over the three decades and now I can spend even more time making rain. I’m still involved with agency and client strategies, but Kevin’s responsibility for leading day-to-day operations has expanded, along with his work on longer-term vision. HKA’s clients will only benefit from further enhancements we make. The same goes for our valued HKA team members.

Many of you know Kevin and I encourage you to get to know him better. For starters, this link takes you to his HKA website bio. If you do not yet know Kevin, I’d love to make a personal introduction.