Hilary Kaye

Executive PRspective

When I was still a school kid, each September brought a variety of emotions to the surface. Whether I was in elementary school or grad school, September marked the beginning of a new chapter. Looking back, while some years began with a bit of anxiety, others were just the opposite – I welcomed the new school year with excitement and curiosity.

Admittedly, my school days are a distant memory, but that same sense of opening a new chapter hits me each and every January. And just like I sometimes felt in September, some Januarys are colored by uncertainty, at best, as the previous year was not all I expected. But other Januarys arrive joyously, and I am eager to jump through the calendar pages.

And that’s exactly how I feel this year at HKA: greeting a cast of characters that I can’t wait to get to know better. Before I give a nod to our newest clients, I must say we are fortunate to work with people we respect and admire. And I am proud that many HKA clients continue working with us, from year to year, as they discover our marketing communications services keep delivering value. I look forward to continuing our campaigns to help them meet their objectives this year.

And now, on to the companies and organizations that we recently proudly added to our roster:

  • West of 5 Studios – This creative shop was founded by experienced retail marketing executives with a unique, integrated approach as they design, manufacture, install and market innovative retail experiences for national brands.
  • Apriem Advisors – An independent registered investment advisory firm managing $500+ million in assets, this firm boasts a distinctive client service approach and a division (Women of Wisdom) focused on educating and serving high-net-worth women investors.
  • Southern California Hospice Foundation – The mission of this non-profit is to increase awareness of palliative care options for terminally ill children and adults, while helping families enhance the quality of life for those at end-of-life and make their final dreams come true.
  • UCI Women’s Wellness Day — Created by UC Irvine Health’s Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, this powerful one-day event, now in its 16th year, speaks to 400+ women with prominent keynote speakers and breakout sessions, all with a healthy dose of East/West medicine.
  • Marketing Initiative Worx – After completing a PR campaign in Q4 for this marketing agency’s client, we began a new PR program this month for another MIW client. We love partnering!

During our business development process, we learn what each organization does, its differentiators and what it wishes to achieve. But once our campaign begins, that’s when the real fun starts! Keep your eye on these organizations in the months ahead as we use our talents to bring their stories to the forefront.