Andrew King

Andrew King

Senior Account Manager

Andrew King has cultivated a diverse skill set over his 15-year career in public relations, journalism and communications. He brings an effective approach to strategic planning and has a unique understanding of the media landscape that stems from his experience with the Gannett Newspaper company where he won awards as an investigative journalist for his reporting on business and real estate issues.

Prior to joining HKA as Senior Account Manager, Andrew worked at an established public relations agency in Los Angeles, representing real estate companies and public advocacy groups. He also worked previously at a top-tier public relations and marketing agency in the northern suburbs of New York City.

His seasoned writing skills have been used to generate impactful press releases, public speeches, business memoranda and marketing materials. He is also a dogged researcher and uses these skills to dig up facts that support the narratives pursued by clients. Whether it’s financial services or real estate or any other current industry, Andrew has the expertise to deliver favorable results for clients. He graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and lives in Newport Beach with his wife, their daughter, Audriana, and dog, Harley.


Fantasy occupation
Stand-up Comic

A movie that never gets old
The Paper

Weekends were made for
Family fun with my wife and our dog, Harley

On my college dorm wall
Movie Posters: ‘Heat,’ ‘Goodfellas,’ to name a couple

Prized possessions
Bruce Springsteen collection (audio and video)

A song I don’t mind getting stuck in my head
Summer Wind (or really anything by Frank Sinatra)

Give me an extra scoop of
My wife’s barbecued pulled pork. Mmmmm

I would be a good game show contestant on
Shark Tank (does that count as a ‘game show?’)

Brands I admire
Disney, Google, Under Armour

Guilty TV pleasure
Vanderpump Rules

I’m a fan of
In this order: The Mets, NY Giants (football), and Indiana University Basketball

I’m inspired by
New ideas

Favorite HKA core value 
Accountability. By owning mistakes, we are less likely to make them because the sense of responsibility has seeped into our subconscious.

What I want to read inside a fortune cookie
It’s not about how hard you can get hit without falling down; it’s about how many times you get knocked down and then get back up. (To paraphrase Stallone from ‘Rocky Balboa’)