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Marketing success today requires compelling storytelling – whether it’s an intriguing pitch that captures the attention of a journalist or a social media post that goes directly to the target audience.

HKA has been telling stories for three decades and is proud to be a quantum pioneer, having recognized the global significance of quantum computing and developed an international PR practice focused specifically on quantum tech startups.

HKA’s stories deliver exceptional results — initially aimed at traditional media outlets, followed by amplification through social media programs. We make complex stories less complicated but certainly no less compelling. We enable startups to be heard above the market noise to secure the right customers, partners, influencers, and investors necessary to compete and achieve their visions.

Our process

To begin, HKA conducts competitive research and in-depth discovery sessions with your team to determine how to best achieve public relations success. These sessions also result in recommendations for messaging and positioning,

Strategic Planning:
HKA creates a month-by-month plan with story angles, press release schedule, anticipated research publications and industry events, that reflects your top business priorities and audiences.

Media Relations:
The core of your PR program, HKA continually communicates with journalists representing top-tier business, industry, and regional media outlets. Company and executive profiles, byline articles and commentary on relevant business news all create strategic impact. The HKA team’s former journalists know how to deliver invaluable media coverage for our clients. We know who covers quantum tech and we know how to reach them.

Supplemental Services:
While nearly all clients receive a robust media relations program, some clients also choose from optional services that support the overall marketing program. These may include:

Social Media

HKA can manage or co-manage social media channels.


HKA can identify, validate and recommend award opportunities, create submissions, track and publicize award wins.

Corporate Blogs

HKA can ‘ghost-write’ blog posts that position executives as industry thought leaders.

Media Training

HKA can prepare executives who will be company spokespersons for media interview to ensure both comfort and that key messaging is delivered for maximum effect.

Reputation Management

In the digital age, a great reputation can be tarnished in minutes. The HKA crisis team is ready 24/7 to prevent or mitigate disaster to mitigate potential disasters.

Speaking Engagements

HKA can secure unpaid and paid event speaking opportunities that provide credibility and visibility for companies in their key target markets.

Trade Show Support

Nothing is better than face-to-face meetings with media. HKA can follow-up. pre-show media outreach, schedule interviews, prepare executives and conduct follow-up.